EvvGC 3-Axis MOS Open Source Brushless Gimbal Controller Board WDC-DC +Sensor

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  • 100% Brand new and high quality
    Based on STM32 and MPU6050
    STM32F103RC has enough processing power even for complex algorithms, and enough timers and other peripheral for 3axis control.
    Controller uses mosfets instead of L6234. This allows to use small, light weight mosfets(sot23, sot363) for Gopro controllers, and bigger mosfets(so8, D2PAK) for DSLR's, RED's and other big cameras.

    - you cannot use the USB port on the EvvGC board, the 1.2 board is not connected correctly electrically
    - DO NOT connect motor power to the +/- connectors at the same time you have *anything* connected to UART1 on the EvvGC board ..... PERIOD!
    - When the processor is in bootloader mode (boot0 jumper installed) there will be NO LED indications - this is a v1.2 board specific thing as I added a power indicating LED on the vpre1.3ce2 boards, but the other 2 user programmable LED's on 1.3 will show no indication.

    DO NOT Connect anything to the PC
    a) connect a 3.3V (please confirm this as powering the processor with 5V is bad as the processor is a 3.3v processor) usb/serial adapter to the UART1 port on the EvvGC board with 3.3 to 3v3, TX to RX, RX to TX and GND to GND (note, some cp2102 adapters may not need TX/RX crossed, so try it both ways if it doesn't work as above.)
    b) place a jumper on the Boot0 (ONLY) jumper post, you do not need anything on Boot1, in fact if you have something there it's telling the bootloader to load the program into SRAM, not what you want to do.
    c) That's it, you do not need the IMU connected, and you need no other jumpers connected
    d) connect the usb/serial adapter to the PC and wait for the associated tones to tell you that it has registered.
    e) ONLY NOW, load the flash loader software. You will know if the serial adapter has registered as its comm port will be listed in the drop down on the flash tool.
    f) select 115200 baud, EVEN parity, 8, 1 and the correct comm port.
    g) click next, you *SHOULD* get a green traffic light, if you get a RED one try the next step, if you got a green one, ignore it.
    h) ONLY NEEDED IF g) gave you a RED traffic light. - press the back button so you are back to the comm port selection screen in the flash tool, *OR* exit and reload the flash tool. Verify the correct comm port, baud, etc. BEFORE you click the NEXT button, briefly place a jumper on the NSRT posts and then remove it. THEN press the next button. This step shouldn't be required, but may be if the usb/serial adapter sends data to the EvvGC board during it's registration to the PC (something it shouldn't do but may).

    At this point, you should be at a green traffic light and if you press next, you can flash whatever version of firmware you'd like onto the board.
    REMEMBER, PLEASE make sure you DO NOT have motor power connected during this process. If you do, you WILL blow out a FET or the processor or both - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!
    All these other gyrations that people are posting are simply not needed and are either because of poor quality usb/serial adapters or other process issues. There is no reason or justification for why they work, electronically, the processor works in millions of other applications (and it at least 3 other projects that I work on) as stated above.

    To confirm this if someone has a very problematic board trying to flash it... try this slightly different process.
    with nothing connected to the PC do this.
    a) connect *ONLY* the GND, TX and RX lines between the usb/serial and the EvvGC board... leave the 3v3 disconnected.
    b) place a jumper on the boot0 only
    c) plug the usb/serial adapter into the PC and let it register
    d) load the flash tool and make sure the serial adapter is registered, selected, and the other parameters are set.
    --- At this point you should have the usb connect and registered, the EvvGC board, connect, but not powered at all
    e) NOW and only now, connect the 3v3 from the usb serial to the EvvGC board and pause for maybe 5 seconds (shouldn't actually be needed, but what the heck).
    f) now press next on the pc and if all goes well you should have a green traffic light.
    NOTE, the TX/RX may need to be swapped, if the usb serial has them mislabeled.
    AGAIN, PLEASE do NOT connect motor power during any of this.


    1 x Gimbal controller
    1 x Sensor
    1 x Sensor cable
    2 x Plug needle
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