2015-08 25

101: How to Use the Camera for Taking Selfies

‘Selfie’ became a major trend in the world of photography- okay, maybe we can’t call taking photos of ourselves making faces exactly photography, but you understand what I mean.
Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, celebrity hood or normalness, selfie is like a virus spreading fast- that’s definitely an epidemic already!

We’re already used to seeing everybody’s face in our feed- and well, I guess you’ve seen at least once one of those gorgeous selfies and that might’ve- just a little- made you want to be able to take selfies like those too.
You don’t need complicated gear or applications to take a selfie- you only need how to make the camera work for you and not against you.

Selfie Photo

Now, you can either use your phone’s camera, tablet’s camera, computer camera or your digital camera. Most of the selfie lovers will use the front camera of their smart phones for this purpose.

Phone camera and Tablet camera

All you have to do is take out your phone and turn to the front camera. Most of the devices will have a front camera. The front camera acts like a mirror and instead of seeing what is in front of you will see yourself. When you got to this step, you’re quite done with the technical parts of using technology.

What’s left now is making sure you set the environment for taking a great shot- make sure your hair is on point, decide what background you want to have and then just hit the magical button. Always take more than only one shot, so you have enough pictures to choose from in the end.
If you don’t have a front camera, you can still take selfies- with the only mention that this might get a little bit more complicated.

Selfie Stick

In this case, you have two ways in which you can still take great photographs. You can either make use of your hands or use a tripod or Selfie Stick . If you choose to work with your own hands, then you’ll simply have to keep the camera at arm’s length, pointing to your face. The same works with the selfie stick as well- just that this device will keep your camera steady and therefore you’ll avoid blurry pictures. Otherwise, just set up the tripod in front of you and sit still. Once you’ve decided how you’re going to take the picture, all you have to do is to set your camera on the timer mode. If you are using your hand, you should set the timer at maximum 5 seconds- if you set the timer longer, your hand will start shaking, increasing the chances of getting a bad picture. If you use a selfie stick of a tripod, it is advisable that you set the timer at 10 seconds. As you can’t see the images while you’re taking them, you might have to take numerous shots until something looks exactly how you’ve imagined it. But don’t worry- breath. It can be done with just a little bit of patience.

Digital cameras and DSLRs

If not having a front camera on your tablet or phone was easily solvable with a selfie stick or a tripod, using a Digital Cameras or a DSLR is a little bit more complicated than that. Sure, you can use the tripod. But then, not everyone has the money to buy a suitable tripod for a digital camera or DSLR. Therefore, there must be another option.

digital camera Selfie Stick

You can definitely try holding the camera at arm’s length, with the objective pointing at you, but most probably your photos won’t turn out so great, as the image might be too close or shaky. So, the other option with these kind of devices is finding a tripod replacer- you could just put your camera on a tall chair, table, cabinet, shelve- anything, really, just get creative in finding a nice place where to rest your camera. Make sure that it is steady and there’s no risk of it falling off- you don’t want to ruin your expensive gear for the sake of a selfie, do you now?

The procedure is the same- simply put your camera in the timer mode- most safely at 10 seconds- and press the button. This should provide you with perfectly steady images and as well a lot better qualitative ones, as you’re taking them with a professional camera.

Another thing you could try is getting a camera with a detachable display- these cameras simply allow you to rotate the display however you want- including turning the display to face you, so that you can see how the photo will look like right before it’s taken. This kind of feature on a camera would save you a lot of time as most definitely you’ll be able to nail the perfect selfie in just a couple shots.

2015-08 19

Makeup that Lasts in the Heat

Have you been wondering what to do for your makeup to last in these criminal heat conditions of summer? At a first glance, there isn’t too much of a choice- wear little makeup or stop wearing at all. But as this isn’t exactly what a girl is looking for an answer to that question, we dug over the internet to provide you with the best makeup tips in order to help you keep a makeup routine during the torrid summer days.
Follow on for makeup tips and tricks.

Applying the base

Getting it right with the makeup base can guarantee your success- be ware, this is the fine line between makeup running down your face the second you step outside and a fresh, polished complexion throughout the entire day. Therefore, make sure you pay attention to the products you purchase for your summer look.

Makeup Kits

If during the year applying a primer is not an absolute necessity and most of the time you can live just fine without it, in the summer the primer is the key product that promises your looks stay in place. This is no secret- that’s simply what primers do: they fix a good base. Now, not all primers contain the same ingredients, so make sure you do read the label. For summer, it is highly recommendable that you search for products that contain silicone- both your primer and your foundation should contain this wonder ingredient. Silicone is the actual ingredient that makes your waterproof primer waterproof and it acts like a barer between humidity and your skin, making makeup last all day long.
So, the duo silicone combo for the makeup base, please!

Forget the powder

No matter how much you might love the powders, mineral makeup, powder eye shadow and all the other goodies, you must forget that. Right away. Summer wasn’t made for powder makeup to be worn and this just is. Powders are hardly waterproof and while your makeup wiping off is the last of your problems, think about it getting cakey on your face; that’s totally not the flawless makeup you were imagining, right?

For the summer season, purchase everything creamy instead of everything powdery! This means that you are free to buy all those cream Makeup Brushes, eye shadows and bronzers. Creamy makeup products will give you that summery, fresh glow and unlike many other products, will last on when faced with the cruel heat.
Even when purchasing cream makeup, make sure that you look for waterproof and long-wear products. Yes, we need all the help we can get.

Makeup Brushes

Everything waterproof

Don’t even think about wearing anything that’s not waterproof in this time of the year. Yes, girl, you do need a waterproof concealer, waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliner and waterproof lipstick.

I bet you were already accustomed with the idea of waterproof mascara and eyeliner- everyone has at least one of these in their Makeup Bags, even if just by mistake. But if you want your makeup to resist in the heat, then you’ll need to purchase a waterproof concealer as well to pair with your foundation.

Now, if do plan on wearing lipstick, search for long-wear waterproof solutions. There’s nothing worse than your lipstick spread everywhere on your face. The best idea for summer lip makeup is to pair a waterproof lip pencil with a waterproof lipstick. This may guarantee you that you’re not going to end with red marks all over your face after half an hour spent in the sun.

The ‘keep supplies in your purse’ trick

Even with all the special makeup products, accidents can happen. Use appropriate Makeup Tools and cosmetics, can make your summer to keep lasting glamorous. Therefore, make sure you take in your purse everything you might need for a quick fix. Here’s a list with the products you should be carrying around with you:

Makeup Bags

Always keep napkins in your purse- or if you don’t like how napkins feel on your skin, purchase some soft absorbing sheets. Use these whenever you see a sebum excess breaking through your makeup or when you start sweating and well, it needs to be absorbed. Make sure you only touch your face gentle- don’t press to hard, you don’t want to wipe off your makeup.

Take with you most of the makeup products you used, so that you’re able to repair everything in minutes if anything happens. As well, it’s not a bad idea to take some q-tips with you, you never know when they might prove useful.

And the extra tip that might actually save your life- and you perfectly polished summer makeup- is the makeup fixer. The makeup fixer usually comes under the shape of a spray and well, it’s the face equivalent of the hair spray. Just puff it over your face and wait for it to dry and you’re done. Make sure that you take the makeup fixer with you as well, for re-fixing whenever needed.

2015-08 06

Step by Step Simple Makeup for Beginners

If you’re not all so experienced when it comes to makeup, stick around- today we’ll show you how to realize a simple day makeup, step by step.
Doing your makeup isn’t a complicated business, even if it might look so if you really are a beginner. Makeup is all about accentuating your main features or simply bringing a spot of color to your outfit.
While makeup isn’t necessarily supposed to change your features, if you are really deranged by the way you look, you can use a bunch of tips and tricks in order to redefine your face. Otherwise, we highly suggest that you only use makeup as a mean of styling.

makeup for beginners

Before we start, here are some general indications for using Makeup Kits:
1. Follow color gammas
2. Think of a look before applying makeup. For example, what do you want to obtain today? A glowing, tanned, summer look? An oriental look? A simple look? Visualize the final result before starting the work.
3. Don’t ever use expired products on your face- this can cause major breakage. 4. As well, don’t ever use cheap products on your face- usually these contain alcohol and they can be damaging. Read the label before purchasing anything.
5. Always remove your makeup at the end of the day- sleeping on your makeup can cause premature aging.
6. And finally, have fun with it. You don’t have to listen to all the rules magazines list about makeup- if you want accentuated eyes and lips at the same time, then go for it. As long as something feels good on you and as long as you are happy with it, where is the problem? Experiment and enjoy.

As it’s wonderfully summer, today’s How-to tutorial will show you how to obtain a simple, golden makeup for your newly tanned skin.

HOW TO: simple glowing summer makeup

Before you start applying makeup on your face, make sure you clean your skin properly, in order to get rid of any impurities and sebum excess. Once you’ve properly washed and exfoliated your face, you are ready to hydrate. As it’s summer and the face skin is utterly sensitive, it is advisable that you use a SPF hydrating cream. If your skin is really sensitive, use a SPF of 30 or higher. It is really important that you take good care of your skin, especially if you are going to apply makeup.

makeup for beginners 1

After you’ve finished with this, you are ready to apply the foundation. As it’s summer and you are likely to be exposed to high temperatures, and therefore you will sweat a lot, your pores need to be as free as possible. If you don’t have major skin problems, then it’s best to only use concealer and/or illuminator and powder for your face base. But if you do have skin issues, then apply your favorite foundation on the T-zone, chin and only spread it with a teardrop sponge towards the edges of your face, without covering it completely.

Now, if you don’t have skin issues, take your concealer palette ($5.87 on newfrog.com) and cover up your dark circles and any other imperfections that might disturb you. Then, choose a lighter concealer color and use it on your eyelids, as a primer. After you’ve done that, use a fluffy brush to apply a layer of mineral powder on your face.

The next step is applying the bronzer. As it’s summer, we won’t go into the complete contouring process, as it will only stuff your pores and it won’t let your skin breath. For your bronzer, choose a mineral powder, in whatever shade you think suits your skin best. Apply it with a bronzer brush (oblique cut, that you can find in newfrog.com’s makeup brushes sets) right under your cheekbones and rise up to the upper line of your forehead.

women makeup

Additionally, if you think you need more color, you can apply some blush, in a warmer, yellower tone, right above the bronzer.
Now that your face base is ready, you can work on your brows. Take a brow pencil and only slightly fill them in, following the natural line of your brows- make sure you are not overdoing this. Apply a white shimmery eye shadow right under the arch of your brow and then blend it in with a small, round brush.

Then, apply the same white shimmery eye shadow in the inner corners of your eyes, either with the tip of your pinky finger, either with your brush.

Next, for the eye makeup, apply a medium brown base right over your eye fold, and blend it in. Apply a slightly darker shade in the exterior crease of your eye lids and then blend it in. Then, apply some golden eye shadow in the middle of your eyelid and blend it in as well. In the end, take a liquid eyeliner ($2.29 on newfrog.com) and trace really thin lines starting with the half of your eyelids and then extend it to the corner of your eyes and a little beyond.

To finish up, curl your lashes with the lash curler and apply mascara.
For your lips, use either a shimmery lip gloss, in a thin layer, either your favorite matte lipstick, in earthly tones.

2015-06 19

Seven Rules for Wearing Jewellery

If you love accessories and complete your look with jewellery, you may sometimes wonder if you are going about it in the right way. Do the colours match, are you wearing too much, does it co-ordinate with your outfit? The following will hopefully answer these questions for you as I give you the seven golden rules for how to wear jewellery well for any occasion be it at work, on a casual day running errands or for a fancy night out.

1. Your Own Personal Style

I encourage people not to be followers of the latest fashion trends, but to find their own unique style. Fid a style that makes you feel comfortable and attractive and stick to it. This is the same with jewellery. Whatever you purchase or wear should tie in with you own personal style. It should complement your favourite look, not clash with it. If your style is classic, you would go for more classy and understated jewellery. If you are sporty, it would be jewellery that compliments the look, but is also practical. So before you choose or buy jewellery, think about your own style and what is going to suit your style and needs.

2. Knowing When Enough is Enough

Apart from knowing your style, you also need to know when it is time to stop. If you are opting for big earrings, keep the necklace low key as the earrings are the showpiece and an over the top necklace would either be a distraction or and overload. So go big in one area and keep the rest toned down and you should avoid the mistake of over blinging.

Women Necklaces

3. When Choosing Necklaces Think About the Neckline of your Outfit

The length of the necklace that you wear needs to take into account the neckline of your outfit. Generally, longer necklaces go well with a more plunging neckline or a plainer shirt and you would opt for a shorter Cocker Nacklace if you were wearing something that came higher up the chest and closer to the neck. Some rules are made to broken though, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Try different necklaces with different out fits until you find one that compliments the neckline of what you are wearing. Still on the topic of necklaces, if your outfit is really busy, choose a more plain necklace and vice versa, this will avoid colour and patterns from clashing. Also don’t stop at one, experiment with multiple necklaces layered together with your outfit and see how they look.

4. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Earrings

When people are speaking to you, they are generally looking at your face. The piece of jewellery, though small it may be, that is the closest to your face are earrings. Choose colours and styles that will not only match your outfit, but ones that frame your face, match well with the hue of your skin and bring out the colour in your eyes. Carefully chosen Women Drop Earrings can make a good makeup and hairstyle into a great masterpiece with you as the canvas. There are so many styles, from simple studs to big hoops and chandelier style earrings. Finding which the best one is for you can be tough. So experiment with colours and styles to find what matches not only your own personal style, but also brings out the best features of your face.

Women Earrings

5. Choosing Rings

Again there are many styles. Simplistic bands, big chunky rings or dazzling bling rings are some of the types that are available. My number on suggestion for rings it to consider what you will be doing on the occasion when you wear them. Your hands gat into a lot of different situations and you do not want to cause damage to your rings or inconvenience yourself by having to take them on and off all the time. Rings are another small yet mighty jewellery piece. As many of us use hand gestures while talking, rings are quite frequently noticed. Opt for pieces that you love, are practical for what you are doing and that suit your style, outfit and occasion. Avoid putting a ring on every finger as this looks too much and can take your look from stylish to try hard. Also experiment with layering different ring on the one finger to see if you can give a new look to an old ring. When wearing rings that are going to draw a lot of attention to your hands, it is a good idea to have your nails looking nice as well.

Women Bracelet

6. Which Bracelet to go for

Again this piece of jewellery needs to be chosen based on occasion. An over the top piece or a lot of stacked bangles may not always be entirely practical, so think of where you are going and what you will be doing before choosing your bracelet. If you are wanting to wear a large or some layered bracelets, it is best if your outfit has shorter sleeves. Very large cuff style Women Bracelet or bracelets that are loaded with lots of charms and trinket can be a little over powering so ensure you ton down the rest of your look. Again this jewellery draws attention to the hands so give your nails a bit of attention before wearing a show stopping bracelet.

7. Jewellery at Work

It is nice to style up you work attire with some jewellery, but work is a place where less is definitely more. The pieces you choose should enhance your professional look and be understated. They should never interfere with you work in any way. For example a typist wearing and dangly bracelet to work will find the bracelet interfering with their ability to type. Considering the professionalism required is important too. For example in a retail store bright earrings and nose piercings may be acceptable, but in an office situation it surely will not be.

Hopefully this will give you a little help when are next choosing what jewellery to wear with what outfit in what situation. Remember with accessories the key is to experiment to see what looks best and to make sure that you do not over do it.