2016-10 21

Car DVR Night Vision Dash Camera Recorder

In our busy lives full of competition we are always traveling from one place to another in order to grab every single opportunity that we can possibly avail to do more in life. In such rush, we often get to face a lot of tragedies on roads and they cause a lot of hindrances in our way which we cannot afford to face at all. Sometimes we even have to pay for the things we have not committed which makes us lose our precious time and opportunities by getting stuck in problems that are not even caused because of us, but the people driving around us. Road accidents is the main issue that needs to get highlighted here. It can be any sort of accident. Be it anything regarding some accident or any other road crime, which may include theft, robbery or even something worse than just that.

A DVR camera placed inside of your car can allow you to keep a record of everything that you get to face while traveling all day long. It is cheap to buy if we compare it with the benefits we get to avail after its purchase, and it is very much convenient to get it installed. It is a matter of hardly few minutes to get it installed and once it is installed, you don’t have to worry about proving yourself at all after getting stuck into any road crime. It’s placed at the front of the car, and with its high-quality camera, it allows you to record every incident that you go through while driving. Be it day or night, the night vision feature enables it to record high-quality video even in nights. Letting the police take away your license and drag you into police stations and waste your precious time over fighting back for your license and identity card for something that you have not even done is a total loss of time. And sometimes you even have to pay for the damage that you have not caused at all but you are bound to pay just because you are unable to prove and justify yourself to be non-guilty.

The insurance companies do not sometimes accept it to be anything accidental and refuse to pay the insurance funds which you keep paying yearly and again you are stuck with no proves at all to get your right. Not only has this but DVR Cameras played an important role in maintaining security check and balance. In such modern era of technology, we are blessed to have gadgets like DVR Cameras which can be very helpful in letting us escape from the road crimes that we have simply not committed. The cost of damages that one can pay for being involved in a road crime can cost a lot, whereas this smart DVR which cost on US11.99 can help you prevent facing all those bad experiences and money wastage.

This easy to install device lets you record everything that you go through while traveling. Covers up all the tragedies you get to face and helps you in proving yourself right, saving your time and dignity. It has got 120-degree wide angle lens which covers up a lot of areas and records anything that goes wrong for which you may need to prove yourself to be non-guilty. It has a fast processor that does not allow its system to get slow and keeps recording endlessly because of its loop recording feature. It has got 2.4 inches screen which allows you to check if it is recording the right area. You can fix it according to your need. The best thing about this product is its G-sensor. G-sensor is the built-in GPS system inside of the DVR Camera. It keeps a record of your track, so it is even more convenient to prove your exact location and spot at the time of any incident that takes place along with the record of the video. Super night vision lets you cover everything not only in daylight but also in nights. So you don’t have to worry at all even if it’s all dark. One should not wait for placing an order for it as NewFrog provides the best in the market with best price that you can get.

It is a lifetime investment, once you install it you are free from getting caught into any sort of false claims. Making your life simpler and easier, saving your precious time and also your dignity. Letting you save your energy and time for the sake of better things to do in life. It does not matter what vehicle you use, it is ideal for every type of vehicle. Just mount it at the front and it is ready to work! It is helpful in maintaining legal rights of the driver. Another reason for considering this amazing gadget is that you can finally rely on a driver without having any fear. If you are unable to drop your kids to school yourself because of your busy schedule or may be your ways being in totally opposite directions, and you cannot rely on a driver just because you cannot trust him with his driving and with your kid, then the best option to pick is to place a DVR Camera is your car. It will help you in monitoring the driver's driving and you can easily rely on a driver. Not only for the sake of kids, but also for trusting just any random driver with your car. It will put fear in driver's mind against rash driving and he will drive more carefully and avoid careless attitude while driving your vehicle.

Putting all the practical reasons aside, another great use of DVR Cameras is that it won’t let you miss any beautiful scenery that you go through during any journey or trip. Making your trip a memory forever in the form of a video clip. No need to miss anything to capture anymore. Just capture whatever you see without putting an effort of finding a camera and then managing to capture whilst you are driving. This easy to install camera is worth buying as it comes with multiple features to facilitate you. Keeping the pros and cons of buying one in mind, the weight age of pros is way heavier and there are absolutely no cons. Best thing to get for ease in life.

2016-10 11

LED 20X Power Eye Glass Magnifier Loupe-office supply best for you

In the recent years, many scientific developments have taken place including laser surgery and a huge variety of glasses have been introduced. Most people would be looking for glasses that are comfortable as well as not very expensive. If it is difficult for you to repair your watches, then this eye glass magnifier will be very helpful.


1. Magnifier (20X): This magnifier can solve this problem to make it easier and more accurate to repair precision instruments. Besides, the magnifier is equipped with LED lights for convenient to use at night or in dark places. With comfortable to wear and easy to use, it is a wonderful magnifier for installing & repairing the camera, watch, and other electronics. This magnifying glass is the ideal tool for jeweler, watchmaker, coin and stamp connoisseur

• It is very inconvenient to use traditional clock magnifiers which need to be clamped by eyelid and may affect the repair quality of precision instruments and clocks

• This LED watch repair magnifier is constructed with metal glasses frame and plastic magnifier casing.

• Specially designed glasses watch repair magnifier can solve this problem to make it easier and more accurate to repair precision instruments and clocks

2. Battery (2 x CR2106 (batteries included)): There are many brands of batteries we can find, like Duracell, Energizer, Sony, Samsung, Maxell, etc. Unlike rechargeable batteries, the batteries that comes along with this device are outstanding.

3. Focus range: 0.4" Wide view, great for watch repairing and inspecting jewelry, stamps, coins, notes: Anyone who finds difficulty in repairing watch or any other works which require good eyesight must consider getting a fluorescent magnifier lamp. Perfect for dentists, embroidery workers, installing & repairing the camera watch, and other electronics. You may have poor eyesight, and further strain may cause your vision to become worse. A magnifying lamp that comes along with this device is to make small prints larger so that you can read quickly while at the same time brighten up the page you are at.

4. Adjustable LED light for better illumination LEDs are adaptable to any lighting application due to its availability in the different color and small size. It emits light in intending color and works smoothly in harshest condition. A single LED is enough for lighting indication, and its cluster is capable of shine whole football stadium.

LED converts 80% of your electrical energy into light energy. So it does justify for what you pay off. This ultimately reduces your expense on the electricity bill and thus, saves both energy and money.

Other features include: 5. Come with one black storage pouch bag, and one soft micro-fiber cleaning cloth. 6. Lightweight and easy to carry 7. Professional for daily use 8. Education & Geography 9. Home and Office 10.The angle of the LED light is adjustable.

Since there are many choices that you will get, it can be a little confusing to select one. Several people find it very overwhelming if they have just been prescribed this brand of glasses and they are unable to decide between all of these glasses. If you are not really sure what type of reading glasses will be good for you, please visit http://www.newfrog.com/p/led-20x-power-eye-glass-magnifier-loupe-eyeglass-frame-watch-jeweler-repair-16115.html get the best deal.

2016-09 29

A light on 3 Underwater Diving Flashlights you deserve

There is an art to picking an underwater diving flashlight. You don’t just buy a flashlight just because it beams light, you buy a flashlight looking at your needs are and what you need it to do, what you need it to withstand, under which specific conditions. Once you have answered all of that you can then pick your suitable flashlight.

As New Frog we have 3 remarkable underground diving flashlights that we would like to shine a light on. Let’s compare their features and see which one goes to the top of the ranks.

Waterproof Single Bulb Underwater Diving Flashlight Torch LED XML L2 Lantern

If you like spending time splish, splashing in the water and need a powerful, durable flashlight, this Waterproof Single Bulb Underwater Diving Flashlight Torch is a match made in heaven!

It has a professional diving flashlight design, and you can see 50 meters below the water. Out of the water, it reaches 100meters. This allows you to enjoy yourself underwater without fear of not seeing where you are headed.

FEATURES that excite New Frog

Firstly there are 3 modes that are available for a variety of occasions respectively (High/Low/SOS). It has a rechargeable battery, meaning that you don’t need to replace your battery often and that you don’t need to spend money frequently buying batteries! Music to our ears!

It is made from aero grade, aluminum alloy, Robust HAIII military grade hard-anodized finish. It doesn’t get tougher than that folks! Plus it utilizes the latest CREE XM-L L2 LED for a maximum output of up to 2300 lumens. To avoid accidental damages it is equipped with an anti-shortcut design.

Battery, Wattage,and Light Source
The battery type it uses is 18650 or another type will do as well. It uses LED bulbs and 10 watts.

Color, Support Dimmer, and Function
The Underwater Diving Flashlight Torch comes in several lovely colors, plus it has a strap too. It is shock resistant and has a support dimmer of 2-4 files.

It’s undeniable that this flashlight is perfect for diving and most of all its on sale! At a huge 46% discount, it’s sitting at $25.69! Grab it whilst it’s still at this giveaway price!


DX4 4-LED 6000lm Diving Flashlight Torch

The DX4 4-LED 6000lm Diving Flashlight Torch is another flashlight to contend with. Built using aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, you know that you a guaranteed a very solid construction.

FEATURES that excite New Frog

Emitter Type, Brightness, and Waterproof

This phenomenal torch uses a 4x CREE XM-L T6 LED, thus producing a very bright beam of light. The output brightness can come to above 6000 lumens [lm]. Very powerful indeed! It is completely waterproof and you can see 100 meters below the water.

Reflector, Modes, and LED

The flashlight uses a textured reflector (opposed to a smooth reflector).The beam from a textured reflector is a lot brighter, with a more gradual transition between the hot spot (the center of the beam) and the spill (the periphery of the beam).

It has 3 modes that switch from Low, High, and Strobe gradually. It boasts an LED quality of 4 and an LED lifespan of 100,000 hours. The switch twists for side to side.

Body andBattery

Internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit and can utilize the batteries to the largest extent. It has a hard-anodized finish and is also anti-abrasive, scratch-free, shockproof, and waterproof.

It also has ultra-deep trench structures and a skid proof effect which is useful while driving.

Weight, Size, Voltage, and Color

The size dimensions are 212mm x 62mm(head) x 34mm and it only weighs 382g with a voltage of 8.4v and has a nice black casing.

This little flashlight is versatile and can be used for diving, biking, camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, emergencies and home repair. It’s sitting at $41.51, worth every penny we believe.


8000LM 5x Cree XML XM-L T6 LED 100M Underwater Diving Scuba Flashlight Torch

The 3rd  flashlight we are shining a light on is the 8000LM 5x Cree XML XM-L T6 LED 100M Underwater Diving Scuba Flashlight Torch.

FEATURES that excite New Frog

Lampshade, and Brightness

It uses a Plexiglass Lampshade, a 5x CREE XML T6 LED light, with a maximum output brightness that can come up to 8000 lumens! Pretty impressive right?

Length of use, Design, and Color

Due to its high-quality design, it can be used for more than 100,000 hours, thus eliminating the hassle of replacing the lamp constantly. 

Depending on which illumination level is used, it can last for up to 3-hours. All you need to do is push up the power button slowly,then the luminance will change from dim to bright gradually.

It uses a slick magnetic push switch and has clean black finishing.

Battery, Waterproof, and Color

You need 2*Rechargeable 18650 batteries or 2*26650 batteries (both not included). It is completely waterproof and has an amphibious 100m deep diving sealed compression resistance design. The irradiation range of the torch is about 100m.

More so, internal wiring applies the high efficient circuit and the working voltage is wide thus it can utilize the batteries to the largest extent.

When do most people like to use it?

Whether you want to go diving,fishing,swimming, mountain climbing,camping, hiking, this torch is your companion.

You can also use it for Special Operational needs such as first aid at sea,site inspection,security,underwater fishing operations,salvage operations, and night observation just to name a few. With all these many uses, it is totally worth it at $39.47!

3 Great Flashlights: Which ONE FROG RECOMMENDED?

Well, we don't want to lie to you the competition is really tough, because lets' face it, each of these flashlights put up a really good fight. They all have pretty impressive functions and features that can go a long way in any situation. Whether it's how far it allows you to see into the water, or the brightness of the lumens, or to its lifespan, each flashlight has its appeal and strengths.

However, if you want a flashlight that combines the main factors that are needed in an underwater diving flashlight, whilst still being small enough to carry around, as well being in inexpensive. We'd say your BEST pick would be theWaterproof Single Bulb Underwater Diving Flashlight Torch LED XML L2 Lantern. It will give you the majority of what you need, at a pretty Great price. 46% discount sounds like a smart decision to us!

2016-09 28

Car Security is not a luxury but a NECESSITY!

You have taken the time to pick out your lovely car, however, it doesn't end there. Now you need to look after it and ensure that it has the latest, most affordable and practical gadgets in order to heighten your car security. That's right folks, your car needs all the security it can get so that you can rest assured and travel safely at all times.

Let’s discuss 3 impressive car security products that will give you peace of mind. We’ll be looking at aSpeed Safety Radar Detector Voice Alert Laser, a Tire Inflator Tyre Pressure Gauge and a Night Vision Dash Camera Recorder.

360 Degree Car 16 Band V7 GPS Speed Safety Radar Detector Voice Alert Laser

Maybe you are looking for real-time alerts and want to be informed of speed camera whereabouts and red lights? Then this GPS Speed Safety Radar Detector was designed just for you.

FEATURES that are Notable

Quality and dependability, this Radar detector features a laser eye detector that allows for a 360-degree laser detection. It is also very easy to install.

Detection of Speed

When you are close to detecting a position, the GPS will quickly alert you by making a noticeable sound forewarning you to the fact that you are approaching a speed detection device.

This essentially then allows you to confirm the speed you are traveling at on the stretch of road you are cruising on.  Which means no more speed tickets!

In other words, it can detect any stable or mobile radar Speed Monitor 250-2500m ahead. How’s that for impressive?

Technology of Note

It was created using extreme Range Super Heterodyne technology, with super-fast sweep circuitry. This then provides an extra detection range and the best possible advance warning that not even the fastest radar guns would get. It’s that good!

NEW FROG really likes that it’s Undetectable

Even the latest radar detector-detectors will not be able to pick its radar due to its relative speed sensing auto shutdown feature. Now you see me, and now you don’t!

Function Operation:

·         When you press "UP" the volume will increase

·         When you press "MENU" the screen will become brighter

·         It can be operated in English and Russian

·         You can switch between city mode and highway mode

220PSI Self-locking Pistol Grip Trigger Tire Inflator Tyre Pressure Gauge

If you are looking to inflate or deflate your tyres then you would certainly want to use the most reliable tyre pressure tool in town.

Notable FEATURES that stand out to New Frog

It is high quality and has an easy to use pistol grip trigger type design. Made using zinc alloy material, it is without a doubt extremely solid and durable.

To top it off, it is equipped with a hose self-locking head and a quick air release valve, making it really friendly and stress-free to use.

It displays two units (PSI/ BAR), making it convenient and easy to read the data.


It is appropriate for both home and business applications, as well as constantly used for motorcycles, trucks, bikes and cars.


It comes in a nice shade of light royal blue, weighing only 325g and has a measuring range of 0-220psi/ 0–16bar 


The tire should be kept in a cooling state when you are measuring tire pressure.

2.4" 120 Degree LCD VGA Car DVR Night Vision Dash Camera Recorder

Check out this 2.4" 120 Degree LCD VGA Car DVR Night Vision Dash Camera Recorder! It’s really fancy and offers you an exceptionally clear image at night.

FEATURES worth looking through

It has a built-in high-performance CPU, with a convenient to use G-Sensor and motion detection function.

With a 2.4 Inch LCD screen that watches while you are shooting, a 120-degree wide angle lens as well as Super night vision that offers you a clear impeccable image at night, you will be happy to know that you are enjoying premium car security technology. 
Other Specifications that have impressed NEW FROG

Video, Photo, and Recording

It has your standard VGA video resolution, AVI video format functionality as well as JPG photo formatting.

Memory, Space, and Interface

You don’t need to worry about the internal memory because it automatically does loop-recording. On top of that you can insert a TF Memory Card up to 32GB (not included with product).

It uses a USB2.0 interface as well as a DC 12V power interface.

Light Frequency, Battery, and Dimension

With a light frequency of 50Hz/ 60Hz and a built-in 3.7V Polymer battery, you need not worry about quality. It’s conveniently small with dimensions of approx. 88*48*18mm.

It can be operated in the following languages: English, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese.

We RECOMMEND these car security gadgets to you!

We think it's pretty clear that these car gadgets will go a long way in enhancing your car safety and security experience.  They all have different functions and all play useful, important roles. They are pretty inexpensive, and can be delivered to your home. So do yourself and your car a favor, take your car security efforts to the next level.

2016-09 27

Newfrog hot selling of the week: Waterproof Sports Action Camera

Picture this for a moment. You have gone on holiday, this time you chose to go to the seaside, or hiking or possibly skiing. You have packed all your essentials and have booked the most charming accommodation.

Now it's time to take those epic pictures and selfies in order to capture the wonderful moment you have found yourself in, but there is a problem! You forgot that your phone and camera are not waterproof, they can easily slip from your hands nor can you mount them easily on your person.

This presents an unpleasant problem that you really didn't need whilst on holiday right? Well, we'd like to recommend a camera that will change your world and meet all your needs. Its slick, it's durable and most importantly, it's affordable!

Introducing the SJ4000 Silvery Full HD 30M 2.0" Waterproof Sports Action Camera DV DVR

Not only is it strong, smart and portable, but it is currently one of the best Waterproof Sports Action Camerasin the market. With this in mind, New Frog has decided to offer you a competitive and affordable price. Why you ask? Because everyone deserves to take really good photos, even underwater, wouldn’t you agree?

FEATURES that New Frog really likes:

This remarkable camera comes with an impressive waterproof case that allows and encourages you to take the best videos underwater for up to 30 meters.

It also supports burst, time lapse and allows for continuous shooting, as well as EV compensation, shutter control, and PC camera.

For extra memory, you can slip in a Micro SD Card up to 32GB, however, the SD is not included. This camera is light weight and is a mini size, making it portable and easy to carry.

If that wasn’t enough, you will also get a number of accessories such as a bicycle stand, a base mount, and a bandage just to name a few.

Another user-friendly feature is that this petite camera can be mounted on your helmet, bike, car windshield, and other similar objects. Do you like moving up and about in the outdoors? Then you won’t find a betterWaterproof Sports Action Camera to meet your requirements. It is also suitable for outdoor sports such as riding, skiing and climbing to name a few.

Let’s look at the SJ4000 Silvery Full HD 30M 2.0" Waterproof Sports Action Camera DV DVR SPECIFICATIONS:

Display, Image, and Sensor, Color

It has a 2.0 Inch LCD Display with an 800 million image resolution. The lens is an impressive 120-degree wide-angle lens and this is a 2 million pixel camera. It comes in a slick and clean silver casing.


In order to operate this camera, you can switch to any one of these languages: English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Hungarian, and Polish.

Resolution, Video and Shooting Mode

The resolution of the video is 1280 * 720 / 30FPS and the resolution of the photos are a remarkable 8M/5M/3M/2M/1M. The video format is your standard AVI plus it offers you a loop record, recording option as well as a state of the art Sunplus Chips. You can make use of 3 different types of shooting modes: Single Shot / Self-timer / Continuous Shooting.

Size, Weight, and Storage

As already mentioned, its petite and portable coming in at a whopping 23 * 12 * 6cm / 9.1 * 4.7 * 2.4in and the package size coming in at 23 * 12 * 6cm / 9.1 * 4.7 * 2.4in. Including the battery, it only weighs 58g / 2.05oz. We told you it was small right?

Battery, Storage, and Interface

It uses up to date interface, USB2.0 and has a Battery Capacity of 1000MAH. We just want to remind you again that for storage, you can mount a 32 GB TF card in it to allow you to take more photos and videos.

When you receive the package you will find:

1 x Sport Camera

1 x Battery

1 x USB Cable

1 x Waterproof Case

1 x Clip

4 x Bandage

1 x Bicycle Stand

2 x 3M Adhensive

1 x Base Mount

1 x Mount

1 x Switch Support with Long Screw

1 x User Manual (English)

We RECOMMEND this impeccable camera without a doubt!

With more than 1900 satisfied customers who have bought this Waterproof Sports Action Camera, we recommend that you get yourself one immediately.  Well, that's if you are looking for a camera that is durable, portable and takes really excellent photos! If you are not looking for quality, backed up by a good price then this camera is not for you.

Gone are the days where you have to carry a heavy, outdated camera that cannot stand the heat or the water. You don't have to own any more poor quality pictures, just grab yourself a SJ4000 Waterproof Sports Action Camera DV DVR and create memories worth keeping!

2016-09 26

Smartphone sale and comparison shoot-out at Newfrog

With all the choices out there, the market for great smartphones is getting pretty crowded. Technology is moving so fast and features are being added so quickly that it’s difficult to make a decision when upgrade time comes along. Luckily, Newfrog makes it easy with a huge selection of the best smartphones available at any price. Two of the best are Oukitel and Elephone.

Both are known as respected phone brands that deliver great value for the money. Theyconcentrate on budget phones with quality, craftsmanship and innovative features. Their products have made it affordable for anyone to enjoy the amazing benefits of the latest technology.

In fact, right now there are discounts available of up to 46% offsome of Newfrog’s finest. For those ready for a blowout bargain on an awesome phone, now is the time. A quick comparison of some of the latest models will make buying decisions easy.

OUKITEL K4000 Toughed Tempered Glass 5.0” 16GB ROM 4000mAh Smartphone

First up is the Oukitel K4000. It’s not only beautiful but built super-tough. An anti-drop arc designed metal frame has smooth round corners that feel great in the hand, while providing excellent drop endurance. The screen is tough too, it is a 5.0 inch 1280x720 HD display with 3 layers of toughened tempered anti-scratch glass and a 2.5D curved design. It is one of the strongest displays on the market.

Continuing in the durability department, the K4000 has a rough and ready 4000mAh battery and smart standby for power when it’s needed. Users will enjoy 72 hours of talk time and 20 days standby on a single charge!All that power is ready for the 64bit MTK6735, Quad-core, speedy and stable processor with 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM. This processor is more than enough to power through games, movies, internet browsing and more.

As with all Oukitel phones, the K4000 is super user friendly. Smart gesture controls allow some functions to be accessed directly by drawing a shape in front of the screen, perfect for quick actions or opening directly to a particular app. When it’s time to capture the special moments in life, the K4000 is ready with a 13MP Sony camera and built-in photo effects that make it a photographer’s dream. Other features include dual sim capability, Android 5.1 operating system and nearly worldwide access at up to 4G speeds.

OUKITEL K6000 4G 5.5" 2.5D Screen Android 5.1 MTK6735 64bit Quad Core Smartphone

Moving up the ladder is the Oukitel K6000. Sporting an aluminum alloy frame and metal back cover along with a 5.5 IPS HD curved screen, the K6000 is one of most durable and well-designed phones on the market. It features 13 MP and 5 MP cameras, 2GB RAM +16GB ROM, and up to 32GB expandable, multiple SIM configuration as well as a MT6735 64 bit Quad-core processor running Android 5.1 Lollipop.

What makes it really special is the 6000mAh on-board battery which gives the K6000 an incredible 10 days of normal use time, 96 hours of talk time and 40 days of standby time. Not only that but it features safe flash charging technology allowing 2 hours talk time after only a 5 minute charge. Having this much battery capacity also allows the K6000 to charge other devices using a 9V/2A output. Having an Outkitel K6000 is like always having a backup power supply along.

Elephone P8000 5.5" FHD 4G LTE Android 5.1 3GB 16GB MTK6753 Octa-Core Smartphone

Like Oukitel, the Elephone brand is another budget-friendly smartphone company that delivers the best features at a reasonable price. Their P8000 is an awesome example. This gorgeous phone looks and feels great with a slim body and durable metal frame surrounding a 5.5inch FHD 1080P screen going virtually edge to edge that delivers unprecedented visual enjoyment. Powered by a 64 bit MTK6753 processor running the dependable Android 5.1 OS and 3GB RAM - 16GB ROM, it is both a powerful and capable smartphone for any application.

Although the P8000 uses a 4165mAh battery, it still has an excellent 21 hours of talk time and 2-4 days of use thanks to low-power consumption technologies built into the MT6753 processor. With a unique 2A input it can also achieve a 10% charge in only 10 minutes. Not only that but the P8000 takes user security to new levels with a fast and accurate 360° touch ID, which protects your privacy and ensures that no one but the user can get inside this phone.

Good cameras are a must on a modern smartphone and the P8000 does not disappoint. It features dual cameras: a 13MP Samsung primary camera and a 5MP front camera for quick selfies and video calls.The 13MP Samsung uses special features to avoid reflection errors and to improve colors and luminosity in low light making it one of the most sought after smartphone cameras around and one that is not usually found on a phone in this price range.

These incredibly advanced phones are changing the way people connect, communicate, and live. Depending on your need, Newfrog has a smartphone for everyone. Those who need a super tough and durable phone that still has great features should check out the Oukitel K4000. Those that need a great phone that also has unbeatable battery power for extended use and device charging, should get a Oukitel K6000. And for those who need awesome phone features with one of the best cameras around, the Elephone P8000 is the answer. 

2016-09 24

Good news! Huge Discount on Vodool Solar Lighting at Newfrog lights up Autumn

Everyone knows that Newfrog.com is the best place online to get deals on the latest and greatest in electronics and gadgets but many people may not know that they also feature a complete range of products for the home as well. In fact, Newfrog has a wide variety of lights and lighting for every part of the home and garden. Right now, the deals on home lightingare out of this world. Take for example the Vodool YY206 2W Oval Solar Light Wall Lamp which is 40% OFF now.

Nothing turns a house into a home like quality lighting specialized for every area. The right lighting creates a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere and creates safe outdoor spaces. And, for cost, efficiency and performance, nothing beats LED lighting. LEDs are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting. This is because the vast majority of energy put into traditional lighting is wasted as heat. LEDs don’t have this problem as nearly all their energy is converted into bright light. Because of this, they can produce the same amount of light at much less wattage resulting in huge energy savings. They also contain no toxic materials andare safe for the environment. Finally, they have life spans that are measured in years, meaning less costly replacements.

The YY206 2W Oval Solar Light Wall Lamp from Vodool takes full advantage of these many benefits. On top of that, it is charged by solar light for reliable, automatic and free power! These clever, eco-friendly lights utilize solar panels to collect sunlight and power up their on-board 4400mAh batteries during daylight hours and then shine brightly after the sun goes down. They are so efficient that a 6-10 hour charge time will result in up to 12 hours of after-dark runtime. Effectively placing several of these in one’s home and garden can provide an incredible lighting experience for a fraction of the cost of other lights.

The easy mount Vodool wall lamps are constructed with a modern looking sconce shape in high strength ABS that is windproof and waterproof to IP65 standard for use in any weather conditions. They have an array of seven 2W bright white LEDs that provide a warm 6500K color temperature illumination for any area and multiple smart lighting modes to suit the particular needs of any home or business.

The smart mode lighting is where the YY206 from Vodool really shines. Once set, the different lighting modes operate reliably and automatically so safe lighting is always available. In Mode 1 the Vodool simply senses the ambient lighting and turns ON or OFF as needed. In Mode 2, the light senses when a person approaches and turns ON. As the person leaves the area, the light DIMS to a power saving level. Finally, in Mode 3 the light simply turns ON when activated by motion and turns OFF as the person leaves the area or motion ceases, perfect for security purposes. With smart modes such as this, controlling outdoor lighting has never been easier.

With winter on the way, autumn is the best time to prepare one’s house for the dark months ahead and create warm, comfortable, and efficient outdoor lighting. The Vodool YY206 are a versatile, high performance, and efficient way to create optimum lighting for any area. With 40% off on powerful Vodool LED lighting now at Newfrog.com, anyone can turn their home into a warm, welcoming beacon of light. More information available here:


2016-09 17

Hot! Best 360 Degrees HD Wi-Fi Sport Action Camera

Photography has been around for many years now and the digital cameras used have also evolved over the years. There have been incredible technical advancements in this area and one of those advancements is showcased in panoramic cameras, where a lot of research is put into manufacturing the best cameras. The 4k 360 degrees Pano View camera is a Wi-Fi panoramic camera, with ultra HD sport action, which makes it ideal for Virtual Reality.  As its name implies the Pano View Camera has the ability to provide full panoramic images. It gives you full wall-to-wall coverage in full 360 degrees. So you can get a complete view of the area. 

This amazing camera has a photographed function that gives the flexibility of choosing between 5M, 8M, 12M or 16M, which also has a full support for slow motion or time-lapse photography. When it comes to recording, this  spectacular 4k-camera  supports loop recording, audio recording and driving record, which makes it ideal for sports action. 

Whether you are using the panoramic camera for virtual reality or something else, you would find that storage is important, and the Pano View camera got you covered, as it comes with a TF card extended storage, which is up to 128GB. Also, when it comes to performance, the camera has the Allwinner V3 ARM @ cortex-A7 CPU, which has a speed of 1.2GHZ and a H.264 video encoder. You cannot go wrong with a Wi-Fi panoramic camera that has a DDR3 SDRAM, which is 2gb at 667MHz. The Wi-Fi module that has been implemented in the camera supports the common IEEE 802.11 wireless standards i.e. 802.11 b/g/ and n at 2.4GHz, which makes it compatible with most WI-FI enabled devices out there today.
Power supply and battery life has always been a challenge on devices that need to be used outdoors like digital cameras, and it goes without saying that thebest camerashould have a good battery life. This amazing panoramic camera comes with a 3.7V 1200mA/H battery, with 1080P/60FPS video recording support for up to 120 minutes.

For sports lovers, or anyone who visits a camera store, this 4k camera, which gives you a 360 degrees panoramic view is amazing, since it also comes with a bike mount feature, which makes it easier to use on bikes for sports or some other recording tasks. You might find yourself in a situation where you need to use the camera in wet environments; this wonderful camera also got your back since it comes with a suitable waterproof case. Having a selfiestick adds fun to photography as a whole, and the Pano View 4k Virtual Reality camera basically comes with a selfie stick included in the package.

When people walk into any camera store, or visit an online camera store like newfrog, the features of the camera determine their buying choice, because the features generally determine how sophisticated and useful the camera is. When it comes to the kind of shots you can take with your camera, the Pano View camera supports both drama and timing shots.

Hardware Specification:
Operation System: Linux
Language: Chinese, English, French and other languages support (multi)
CPU: Allwinner V3 ARM @ Cortex-A7 1.2GHZ /H.264 Video Encoder
SDRAM: DDR3 2Gb 667MHz
WIFI Module: RTL8189ETV (IEEE 802.11 /b/g/n 2.4GHz )
Extended storage: TF Card, up to 128GB
LCD Display: 0.96" 128*64 TFT
Image Sensor: For Sony IMX179 8M 1/3.2 inch BSI CMOS
LENS: 8G+IR, FNO2.4, FOV: 220
USB Port: Micro USB USB 2.0 (Power Supply DC 5V/1A)
Led work light: support WIFI, Recording, Charging
Audio recorder: support
Speaker: 8Ohm 0.8W
Operation KEY: POWER (mode)/ UP / Down /shutter(OK)
Battery life: 3.7V 1200mA/H 1080P/60FPS Video Recording 120 minutes

2016-09 16

The Ultimate Top 5 LED Flashlights

Flashlights are considered to be one of the most amusing inventions by men. Since 60’s they are been used by people around the world and are one of the most basic gadgets. There are various types and shapes of them delivering different features to the consumers, but what exactly makes flashlight the best for use?

Newfrog looks forward to give the best in everything and flashlights are no different in that case. Flashlights are sold almost at every corner, or every nearest mart, but what makes our product so different? We believe in delivering what is best and genuine with reasonable price range. The 5 best LED flashlights available in the market have tremendous features with justified prices.

Choosing the best flashlight for you might be a difficult task; the expert’s reviews however may help you decide what is right for you among these ultimate top 5 LED flashlights. 

1.  The 4000 Lumen Zoomable CREE XML T6 LED 18650 Flashlight Focus Torch Lamp 


  • Portable, easy to carry and store
  • Max brightness
  • Simple to use
  • Max darkness penetration power
  • Can Zoomable Max Output brightness : 4000 lumens (lm)
  • 5-mode adjustable Brightness, High/Middle/Low/Strobe/SOS

Expert's Review
If you are planning to go for hiking with your friends this season or for hunting in deep woods, you should definitely consider taking 4000 Lumen Zoomable CREE XML T6 LED 18650 Flashlight Focus Torch Lamp. This is one of the most powerful LED flashlight with brightness up to 4000 lumens and waterproof design.  This flashlight is more reliable with its high battery timings and zoomable feature allowing the user to focus better. This is premier if you are an adventurous person and often visit places where you need flashlights. Alternatively it is also ideal for domestic use as its body is strong and resistible. The price, if compared with its features and advantages is least. Only in US$6.99 you get one of the best flashlight with exquisite and waterproof body and extremely bright and zoomable features.

2.  The Black Mini Aluminum UV Ultra Violet 9-LED Flashlight Torch Light Lamp

  • 9 LEDs UV Light, low power consumption, ultra-bright, visible over a long distance
  • Switch type: Press on, press off from rear cap
  • Flashlight made of a strong and lightweight aluminum case
  • Light Weight
  • Water Resistant
  • Many more.

Expert’s Review

The handiest flashlight which enables the consumer to carry it anywhere with no hurdles at all. The small sized 3.3inch x 0.9inch LED flashlight is only small in size, but when it comes to the intensity of light it is as bright as you can imagine, can be used professionally to detect counterfeit with its 9 high intensity technology. It is best when checking for pet or animal’s strains such as bed bugs and mites. Perfect for artwork inspection and/or checking for any automobile leaks! This handy flashlight is small enough to fit in your pocket and provide smooth surface for a comfortable grip. So just put in 3 AAA batteries and go worry free because this won’t let you stay in darkness anywhere. The Black Mini Aluminum UV Ultra Violet 9-LED Flashlight Torch Light Lamp is of the top LED flashlight can be purchased for only US$2.65 which not makes it best but also economical.

3. The 2 in 1 3W Colorful Crystal RGB LED Stage Light and Flashlight Dual Use

  • Dual use, both as RGB stage light and flashlight.
  • Compact and Handy
  • Life Span of 8000h
  • Attractive Body

Expert's Review

Do you love going to parties? Are you known for the putting life in any sort of party? If yes then you are an ideal candidate to purchase the 2 in 1 3W Colorful Crystal RGB LED Stage Light and Flashlight Dual Use. Its compact and handy design enables you carry it in your car’s dashboard or in back of your pocket. If you are someone who always stays ready for a surprise party or a dance then you must have this awesome and fascinating 2 in 1 flashlight which enables you to use not only high intensity LED flashlight but also RGB stage light. The astonishing flashlight has strong and beautiful body with long battery timings, and can only be purchased in US$9.24.

4. The 28000LM SKYRAY 11 x CREE XM-L T6 LED Hunting Flashlight 4 x 18650 Torch Lamp

  • Super Bright
  • Blinding Effect
  • Ideal for hunting
  • Max output 28000lumens
  • Life span of 100,000 hours

Expert's Review

The professional hunter who goes deep into the woods should have sharper eyes along with reliable LED flashlight with extraordinary light and battery life that allows the hunter to see all in the dark. The 28000LM SKYRAY 11 x CREE XM-L T6 LED Hunting Flashlight 4 x 18650 Torch Lamp comes with all what is required to hunt in deep dark woods. The metallic body of this beautiful LED flashlight has intense light causing the blinding effect to the prey giving you time to take your shot. The waterproof design prevents it from getting damaged easily and can be handled in almost any situation. This is a professional LED flashlight for adventurous people and can provide superbly for domestic use as well. The 28000LM SKYRAY 11 x CREE XM-L T6 LED Hunting Flashlight 4 x 18650 Torch Lamp is a powerful light source with best price of just US$25.07. Available in two attractive colors, the ideal black body and royal gold body along with a rope to carry it comfortably.

5. TrustFire 9 x CREE XM-L T6 LED Flashlight 11000LM 5 Mode Torch Lamp Light

  • Max brightness up to 11000 lumens
  • High quality 6061T Aluminum
  • Amazing penetration power
  • Excellent user experience
  • Most reliable

Expert's Review

If you are looking for an advanced flashlight for ultimate professional and domestic purposes, moreover also because you never know where you can find the need of using it, then the TrustFire 9 x CREE XM-L T6 LED Flashlight 11000LM 5 Mode Torch Lamp Light is best for you. It provides 5 different modes starting from high, middle, low, strobe, and SOS. The brightness can be as high as 11000 lumens which makes it perfect for hunting and hiking. The 5 modes enables to control the intensity of light depending on the user’s need. The metallic body of this light is not just beautiful but also thin enough that allows the user to pass it through very narrow places. This torch provides whatever that is required in every aspect such as going for hunting, patrol, camping; with long battery hours and waterproof design with best price of US$58.77.
You must decide what is best for you among these top 5 LED flashlights, because when it comes to comparing features; individually all of these are tremendous and unique with their own specialties. These 5 LED flashlights give users ideal experiences which makes them the top 5 LED Flashlights. The experts have found these Flashlights as the best ones for their use regardless if they are using it for hunting, fishing, mining, or domestic purposes. New Frog provides with the best in the market with competitive price.
2016-09 14

Vodool releases an impressive set of Bluetooth wireless earphones for perfect music and calls

Vodool Bluetooth Stereo Earphones – At First Glance

For those who own a smartphone it’s likely that their entire music collection is sitting on it just waiting to be enjoyed. However, nothing is worse than a tangled set of low quality earphones that generally are included with phones and mobile devices. They are hardly worthy of great music and taking calls on them is a hassle. Luckily, the wonder of Bluetooth has made the modern listening experience simple and convenient. The Vodool wireless in-ear earphones are a great example. This set is so well designed and full featured that it may just be the perfect set for anyone.

It is clear at a glance (and a listen!) that these Vodool Bluetooth earphones mean business. They are sturdy yet foldable, have lanyards built in and intuitive and easy to use controls. Spoiler alert: they also sound great!


One of the problems of any wireless earphones is how to manage them and keep them safe. The Vodool Wireless Earphones uses a tried and true integrated neckband design to hold and protect the earphones and provide a suitable platform for calls and control. The flexible neckband rests comfortably around the neck and is easy to reach. For making calls or listening to music, the earbuds pull away from the neckband on cords to reach a desired length to comfortably wear snugly in the ears. When not in use, the earbuds are safely stored with a simple touch of the retraction key, which pulls the earbuds into safe storage position. A very clever little trick to increase the longevity and safety of the earphones. Furthermore, the neckband is foldable for storage and transport and to protect them even better.


It connect quickly and easily to any Bluetooth enabled device including mobile phones and tablets, computers and MP3 players. Switching between calls is simple and easy because the Vodool earphones can simultaneously connect with two devices at once, perfect if one is using an MP3 player but also has a phone that needs monitoring. The Vodools connect using an advanced multi-point V4 technology and a fantastic integrated MIC allowsfor perfect and clear calls and communications.

Vodools employ a 6G CVC noise reduction function to help isolate sound for better sounding music and calls, a feature that is usually reserved for audio components that costs much more. It is a testament to the Vodool smart gadget philosophy of offering top quality at economical prices. In addition, the neckband contains the button controls to play, skip, play previous and pause music. Volume controls are also in place and easy to use. Answering calls is a simple matter and the music automatically fades when calls are connected, and likewise, fades back in after calls end for a seamless listening experience.

Music and Talk

These Vodool wireless earphones deliverdeep bass, clear mids, and excellent highs for a dynamic audio experience that exceeds the vast majority of other wireless units recently tested. The earphones are soft, comfortable and ensure a good fit that results in better sound. They are fantastic while running or exercising and great for making and receiving calls.

Incoming calls are easy to answer with asingle touch of a button and excellent sound quality results.There is a real benefit to safety and convenience for hands-free calls when playing sports, exercising, or driving. 

Portability and Runtime

TheVodool wireless earphoneshave an on-board 300 mAh rechargeable battery that is easily powered up with a Micro-USB interface from any USB outlet. Music listening time is an impressive 16 hours on a single charge with talking time up to 18 hours. Standby time is super impressive at around 300 hours, more than enough for most storage periods between charges. As previously stated, the Bluetooth connection is automatic and fast and uses a standard working distance of up to 10 meters, perfect for exercising without a phone in the pocket or walking across the office.

Accessories and Extras

A Micro USB cable for charging included as well as a handy user manual to get connected and listening in minutes.

In Conclusion

As  one of the best examples of neckband style Bluetooth earphones on the market today. The price is friendly at under $25 and best of all, the sound quality is totally up to par. This set would make a great choice for budget conscience users who demand to be wireless yet want great sound. They can literally be a life saver while driving and their clever design means they work well in a number of different applications. As usual, Vodool a company known for great devices, has come through once again. Another highly recommended set of Bluetooth earphones from a great brand.