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  • Dobry sprzęt
    Review by: Andrzej
    Wystarczyło trochę smaru a przyrząd działa doskonale. Ten automatyczny punktak bardzo ułatwia pracę. Serdecznie polecam.
  • WELL worth it!
    Review by: Dr. Boyce
    Silly me for only ordering one! Now I have to order 2 more and wait for shipping to get them here. (Las Vegas) They looked MUCH better than I expected. They take 3 AG13 batteries and they don't last very long but you can but the batteries cheap on Ebay for 2 cents each. WELL worth it!
  • We Have Cell Coverage
    Review by: Mark
    I would not get any coverage on our Bell mobility network unless I hunted around the whole house for one bar. I used a map of local towers to find the direction towards the nearest tower, put the receiving antenna on our TV mast, aimed at the tower, put the base antenna above the door to the living room, powered up the amplifier and now we have a minimum of two bars anywhere in the house and on the deck, with four bars in the main living area of the house. I am really pleased. I did not think it would make such a difference.
  • Perfect.
    Review by: Richard
    Perfect. A++++++++++ Very pleased. Thank you.